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Nikkita Jervey

Nikkita is an Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and CEO of Kita's Piece.  The most important titles to her are Christian, Wife, and Mommy.

She has been married to her husband, Paul, for seven years now; and through their love have created two daughters, Eriana and Victoria, and a son who is on the way.  



Several years ago Kita's Piece was unconsciously conceived from a broken place, surrounding specific relationships. A place she denied even existed. Nikkita firmly believes in Romans 8:28,  that every piece matters, and that God cant fix the pieces you wont face. There is deliverance in confrontation, introspection, and forgiveness.  Where there is deliverance, there is healing; and where there is healing, there is peace. Kita's Piece is a promoter of peace and wholeness, which she believes is found in God. So in every book, speech, message and program her goal is to support women in finding the courage to forgive and get their piece back in their head, heart, and home.